Learning to program in BASIC 2.0 is a good way for beginners to learn what programming is - even compared to todays procedural style (obviously, there are those who may object ----> it's all about preference!). Setting petty differences aside, it is difficult to argue the ease of understanding when programming with BASIC (as opposed to other high-level languages). There are a great many resources available to those who have an interest, or perhaps a desire to re-acquaint oneself if it has been a while.

Below is a list of options to select from. If you are interested in a tuturial, select the Tutorial link. If you are looking for a book title related to BASIC programming, select the respective link to search from a list I have compiled. There will also be a list of other books which may be of interest depending on your skill or if you may want to expand your programming capabilities. The Commodore 64 is a proven asset which complements your level of creativity, offering a flexible platform for a wide range of projects (including interfacing with robots or other peripherals, creating a database to track or organize, create a personalized computational program for a profession, etc.). Whatever your needs, I hope you find something that will be of use. Enjoy!


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