The C programming lanuage was invented at the Bell Labratories prior to the 1980's and has become one of the most popular high-level languages. The C programming language is available for Commodore computers by different vendors. It is a matter of preference which one the programmer chooses to use. On this website, you may find one or more available for your use. Instruction on how those are used will depend on available documentation and tutorials provided here.

C - The basics. A tutorial for beginners.

Programming Tools

Software Packages:

Commodore 64

* CC64 - C Compiler v4

Commodore 128

* Power C by Spinnaker for the Commodore 128
* Power C Manual




  • Programming in C
    Author: Robert J. Traister
    ISBN: 013729641X
    Publisher: Prentice-Hall
    Description: General C progamming

  • Programming in C
    Author: Samual P. Harbison/Guy L. Steele Jr.
    ISBN: 0131100084
    Publisher: Prentice-Hall
    Description: C Language Reference

  • Articles:

    Article: POWER c compiler
    Author: Glenn Holmer
    Magazine: Commodore Free Issue 11, p.15


    SWL version 1.00

    SWL Library for Power C (C64)

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