For those of you who are BASIC programmers, Pascal is quite different. Developed by Niklaus Wirth, Pascal was Wirth's approach to a better programming philosopy. Developed to aid students to learn a more efficient method of programming, Pascal also became quite popular. Not in use much these days, it is still a valuable learning tool. Pascal is quite robust, being much more efficient than BASIC. For those of us using Commodore 8-bit computers, we still have access to this language. Two packages are what I have found...Oxford Pascal, and Pascal by ABACUS. I have not seen any implementations for the 128, although it would seem to me that there should be at least one somewhere.

Back when Commodores ruled, there were clubs dedicated to Pascal, but those days are gone. I'm not sure how many are practising this art - but I have taken a few months to become acquainted with it. I sense the power of this language, but devoting the actual time needed is difficult. I have been updating the Oxford Pascal manual (to be available in .pdf format), this is where much of my time has been spent. The actual software itself seems to work well, but the original manual should not have been released without more careful consideration and forethought. There were many errors, some which were indecipherable. Nevertheless, I have persevered to make the updated manual much easier to understand.

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