The MMC Replay

Below is a collection of photos that shows the MMC with the Network Adapter and 2 GB memory card installed.

Click on one of the following links for my review of this FANTASTIC innovation:

MMC Review - .pdf Part 1

MMC Review - .odt

For more information, you can go to Individual Computers website:

Here's a link to a file describing the MMC memory map ( .rtf).

Here's a link to a document about Programming the MMC (.rtf) - by Oliver Achten

Here's a link to MMC Bios upgrade v054 (.zip)

The following text is a source for the Contiki OS which is supposed to enable a user who has the Ethernet Adapter installed access to the internet (This would apply to MMC users who have the Ethernet adapter for their MMC): The cpu/6502/ directory is used for targeting 6502-based machines using the cc65 compiler ( In almost all cases it is preferable to go for a recent snapshot instead of the latest official version. The most recent cc65 snapshot is available at:

The Contiki network configuration for 6502-based targets is loaded from a binary configuration file (by default named contiki.cfg). It has the following format:

- Bytes 1 - 4: IP Address (HiByte first)
- Bytes 5 - 8: Subnet Mask (HiByte first)
- Bytes 9 - 12: Default Router (HiByte first)
- Bytes 13 - 16: DNS Server (HiByte first)
- Bytes 17 - 18: Ethernet card I/O address (LoByte first !)
- Bytes 19 - xx: Ethernet card driver name (ASCII / PETSCII)

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