Sound Ultimate Xpander

The Sound Ultimate Xpander 6400 (SUX6400) is a great device! I had acquired mine at CommVEx earlier this year. It came packaged with a cartride (It is up to me to get the card to fit) and accompanying software - Digimaster. First, the card...

The SUX6400 Audio Digitizer is the interface needed to import external audio into the software and the C64 or C128. The work done on my unit is nice - a clean job. This card plugs into the RS232/User Port. It has been advised that only battery operated deviced be connected to this unit, so I used a Sony Walkman/MP3 player. I went out to Radio Shack and bought a nice green audio cable to make the connection.

In Commodore World Issue 3, pages 28-29 (Hard Tips column) are the schematics and parts list for assembling this card.


Digimaster is the software used to process the audio signals. After running the setup program and making a copy of the disk, I ran the program. This has a nice interface and for those of us who do not have a 1351 mouse, works well with a joystick. My setup for this is the following:

- A Commodore 64C
- A Magnavox monochrome monitor
- A 1541C disk drive (8)
- A 1571 disk drive (9)
- Access Software's Mach5

I tried all three sampling modes and all worked (the manual states that for all three sampling modes, there are some computers that will not sample at the Low Quality rate). Then I pressed the Display button and a 5 to 6 second sampling was played back (5 seconds approximately for the High Quality rate, and approximately 6 seconds for the low-Mid Quality was also close to 5 seconds).

Overall, I was quite impressed! This could be a neat thing - according to the manual I am also supposed to be able to incorporate a sampling into any program I make. Also, there is a 128 version of the software available and I plan to try it out too.

A more detailed reveiw can be found in Commodore World magazine, Issue 3, Vol. 1, Number 3, pg. 30.

Oh, by the way, the program was kind of quirky with the Mach5 plugged in. It did load, and I was able to sample, but the program froze and I had to reset it. I'll have to find out more on this later...

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