Current Issues and Developments

Be sure to keep an eye out for new developments as the Commodore community adds new products to the arsenal available to those who continue to use their Commodore line. Websites for those listed can be found at the Links page (see Links to your left).

* CommVEx 11 was held in Las Vegas at the Plaza hotel in July. Bil Herd and Leonard Tramiel were the star guests this year (next to ALL of the attendees)! They shared memories of the good 'ol days at Commodore and answered questions posed by the audience of attendees. See the CommVEx 11 page for more details, or the Official Website.

* Retrotech

Jim Brain is offering a number of new products for the Classic Commodore computers.
Check out his website for great stuff!

* Visalia

Visalia has developed a cartridge with numerous features including a connector for attaching an SVGA monitor.

* 1541 Ultimate!

The 1541 Ultimate is a virtual 1541 emulator for the Commodore computer. Great product.

* CommodoreUSA has problems, their website is not accessible (at least as of when I tried last). Rumor has it one of the major players died, throwing into question the future of the organization. There has been some recent activity, although minor with the website. It begins with a screen shot of the C64. Click the SKIP INTRO link to get in.

* Jim Drew has fully developed his Super Card Pro. He demonstrated it at the CommVEx 10 convention in July. He also brought a little surprise...a fully 1541 compatible virtual drive. He said this little gadget will be compatible with ALL original software (.d64 - of course) that had major protection schemes.

* Check out This site is proving to be the best source of digital scans of printed Commodore material (e.g. Books, magazines, newsletters, etc.)!

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